In my current practice, much of my work explores the difference between the output of electronic media signals (images, video, sound) and what is perceived at the input. The journey and path of the signal (and how it is transformed by different processes) is very important, and has real-world implications which I explore in different types of work. Most of this work is in video and sound media, along with expanded installation and performance work.

My CV can be found right here.


I was interviewed on WQRT 99.1 FM in Indianapolis in the run-up to my solo exhibition The Name of the Machine from the Moon in May 2019.

The arts journalism site Tone Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) did an interview with me in October 2018.

I was a recipient of the Foundation Prize from Peripheral Vision Arts (an online peer-reviewed art criticism journal), and they conducted an interview with me.

Here are a few other sites where my work lives: