About – Toby Kaufmann-Buhler

My work is grounded in explorations of sensory perception on the one hand, and a kind of structuralist response to my own life and background on the other hand. A main source of inspiration are the methods developed by a number of film, video and media artists beginning in the mid-20th century, which interrogate and explore the burgeoning structure of perception established by the “new media” of cinema, video, television, sound, and more recently of computer-based media.

My current video/sound work is characterized by a “collage-narrative” approach that utilizes video imagery, found media artifacts, sound, and text to produce videos exploring themes and issues related to personal identity and family history. Through this media, my current work mines the material of my own family’s history to explore the complex and often conflicting emotions, stories, and mythologies of my own culture.

My CV can be found right here.

Contact:  tkbuhler@gmail.com

I was recently a recipient of the Foundation Prize from Peripheral Vision Arts (an online peer-reviewed art criticism journal), and they conducted an interview with me.

Here are a few other sites where my work lives: