Home Body

This piece is my first in the HD video format, and literally and conceptually uses home video as an element. Until this past year I felt no real need to use HD, but with this piece I was purposefully concentrating on the home, which I felt needed a more “widescreen” approach in order to encompass all the features I wanted to focus on (architectural, emotional and physical among them). Home video (and sound) is also an important element, as it occupies a personal psychological space that I wanted to dwell in with this work. This personal space is where my work is moving in general, and in this piece the focus moves back and forth from the personal interior to an impersonal, and more public exterior; it is an exploration of the conflict of temporal stasis and constant movement within traumatic experience. 

Installed as part of my show Hidden States at the James Watrous Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin (January – February 2013)