Ammunition of Uncertain Origin (with Wayne Robert Thomas)

This video was made inside Machine (far too low)
Music composed by Wayne Robert Thomas

Richard Jordan Gatling first patented the Gatling Gun in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1862.

This work is made around Gatling and his machine gun invention; much like this gun, the film images move through a machine by hand. The speed of the images’ movement (although hand-wound and uneven) provides the glue to keep them moving together, and this speed situates them in the apparatus of memory.

Much like the gun, this continuous movement of imagery eclipses everything in front of it; unlike the gun and its ammunition, this cascade of images can change from frame to frame, and can hold within its framings some fundamental respect for its subjects.

Based on work originally done for the exhibition The Name of the Machine from the Moon.

Made with support from the Indiana Arts Commission.