9th Annual New Year New Work Festival

work shown:

The Film-Maker’s Cooperative
9TH ANNUAL NEW YEAR, NEW WORK 2022 (online program): Celebrating recent additions by new and longstanding FMC members to our growing collection of experimental and avant-garde films.


♣ Program 1:
• Under the Jazz. Circulation. Formation by Priyanka Das

♣ Program 2:
• Drink This! by Michelle Borreggine & Cristina Pachano-Lauderdale
• Book by Thomas Jenkins
• Potatosaur by Tom Otterness
• The Parking Lot of Dreams by Alexis Krasilovsky
• Swish by Jean Sousa
• Double Elvis by Henry Hills
• War Years by David Schmidlapp
• Leftover by Victor Faccinto
• The Stream XI by Hiroya Sakurai

♣ Program 3:
• 3 Seasons of 2021 by Janis Lipzin
• Cage Match Refractions by Barbara Lattanzi
• Building Trees (the shooting goes on) by Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
• Maima: The Water Spirit by Mai’yah
• Sodium Light Years by Nicole Galpern
• The Silence of Snow by Rosalind Schneider
• The Ones I Kept by Sara Muñoz Ledo Rodriguez
• Memories, Materials, Missing by Linh Vu

♣ Program 4:
• Seagulls – Gaviotas by Ed Darino
• 3383 by Linh Vu
• In and Out a Window by Richard Tuohy
• Variations by Martín Klein
• Quarantine by Erica Schreiner
• QUEUE by Walter Ungerer
• Love in the Time of Erosion by Morrison Gong