WA/VASH Wabash Audiovisual

Organized by Esteban Garcia
December 2, 2023
Tapawingo Park, Lafayette, Indiana

This festival features projects that explore the aesthetics of synesthesia by combining pulsating sounds with moving images. This free event is open to everyone and showcases video projections along the Wabash River.

Wa/vash features creators from Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Greater Lafayette.

Artists include: Sawing Sound, Mark Tester, Pixel Syndrome, Machine Aura, Eustress, Slowcollapse, Jeremy Tubbs, Caroline Ausema, Garrett Rogers, Mr. Desktop, Early Reflections, Visual Vibrations, Lee Loyd, Pink Noise TV. @mark_tester @thenebaux @sesseka @heathg___ @leelloyd.fr @jeremytubbs @__visual_vibrations__ @tkbuhler @machine_aura @mr.desktop @pxl_syn @carolineausema @garrettr_01 @slowcollapse



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