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  • By tkbuhler 2018/01/06 In Performance

    Sawing Sound

    Sawing Sound In 2017 I began doing live audio/video performances; below is documentation of the evolving set (so far this is for singing saw and manipulated analog video projection): December

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  • By tkbuhler 2015/04/16 In 2015

    2015 {Re}Happening

    2015 {Re}Happening From the Dock to the Shore: Motion & Repose, a collaboration with artists Carlyn Waller and Mindy Coleman This was a “Chance Operation” grouping as part of the

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  • By tkbuhler 2013/02/23 In shows

    Nathaniel Bartlett Performance

    Nathaniel Bartlett Performance work shown:Unseasonal Events Change Hands (video)Overture Center for the Arts, Promenade HallMadison, WisconsinFebruary 23, 2013 During this performance my video (Unseasonal Events Change Hands) was projected above Nathaniel

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