Begin at the End




The Begin at the End installation was my first attempt at a large scale installation involving images and sound in real-time.  It was installed in the University of South Florida’s Centre Gallery, and included four slide projectors, backed up to walls in order to project onto their respective opposing walls (so that most of the gallery wall space was covered).  There was also a sound system installed, with three CD players connected to speakers installed at specific points in the ceiling of the gallery.  They each played a specially prepared CD, in the random setting, simultaneously. 

On November 4, at noon, I staged and video-taped a collaborative performance, from which the stills below are taken.  I invited a good friend of mine, Ian Rywalt, to connect with the gallery through the internet (via a RealAudio connection on my computer, which was connected through the gallery’s phone line to the internet, and to the sound system as well) and perform on his synthesizer array, connected to his computer at home (Orlando, Florida; 90 miles from Tampa).  I also invited a dancer, Kim Kunda (in the video stills below), to perform in the space, giving the performance its physical presence.