2015 {Re}Happening

From the Dock to the Shore: Motion & Repose, a collaboration with artists Carlyn Waller and Mindy Coleman

This was a “Chance Operation” grouping as part of the {Re}HAPPENING in Black Mountain, North Carolina, staged on April 4, 2015.  Chance Operations groups were brought together as randomly chosen teams, populated from individual entries to the event, and given randomly selected sites on the Lake Eden grounds.

See below for photos, description and video from our project. 

“The {Re}HAPPENING has been co-organized since its inception in 2010 by the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and the Media Arts Project.

The {Re}HAPPENING, an annual multidisciplinary experimental art event, honors the dynamic artistic energy of Black Mountain College and pays tribute to the groundbreaking innovations of that community of artists. Simultaneously, the event launches a contemporary platform for artists and attendees to experience adventurous art and creativity in the present day.”

Our project was sited on Lake Eden’s sprawling dock, which was only accessible by ourselves (and not by the audience). It incorporated performance elements (with the three of us moving from the shore to the dock and back at scheduled times), interactive sound elements (which the audience and performers were able to manipulate) and projected video.

This video (along with photos below) documents small portions of the performance, and features segments of the sound produced by the audience and the performers, as they interacted with each other in a synthesized, droney soundscape.